What do Burglars Want, Anyway?

Burglaries happen everywhere – even in our pleasant hometown, where Delaware home security measures are sometimes taken for granted. For instance, the Wilmington Police Department log for the week of May 8 noted that a resident reported his industrial pool heater was stolen from his property in the middle of the night. Perhaps those who have this product can secure it somehow, but that seems a little difficult considering that it needs to stay hooked up to the pool.

What do Burglars Want

And sadly, that is just one example of an item that is a temptation for thieves. Other “hot properties” criminals typically love to get their hands on include:

Doorstep Packages

Thieves know that if you are getting something delivered, it is probably worth a few dollars. They can sell it on Craigslist, pass it along to someone as a gift or even use it themselves. They don’t care that it is yours; they care about what they can do with it, and the cheap thrill they get from taking it.


A few years ago, your television was too large for you to carry, much less a thief. But now, your flat screen plasma is a slim, light TV that a burglar can get out the door in 90 seconds. Gaming systems are also popular loot, and the expensive games that come with them can be quickly thrown into a pillowcase during a burglary. Don’t underestimate the value of your home electronics, and keep the smaller items (i.e. games, iPods and tablets) in a place that makes them harder to find.


As a former burglar on a recent ABC “20/20” segment pointed out, burglars know the master bedroom is where the jewelry is. To throw off intruders, the reformed thief suggested storing jewelry in children’s rooms; another option is to keep them in a locked safe, hidden under and behind other items. Remember, a burglar does not want to spend much time in your home looking for things. He wants to get in and out.

Of course, adding a monitored home security system, with the motion sensors placed strategically throughout the house and the security cameras rolling, is the best way to deter burglars from attempting to come in. Nothing is a guarantee, but you need to have as much protection as possible to keep your family safe and your property secure. For information on affordable home security packages, contact the Delaware home security professionals at B Safe.