What is a PERS?

And why does your elderly loved one need one? Here is all the information you need, and the reasons why B Safe Security is the best Delaware home security company to provide a PERS device for your loved one.

What is a PERS

A PERS is a personal emergency response system. Sometimes known as a “medical alert” device, a PERS is an electronic system that connects its user (typically a senior citizen or infirmed individual) to a 24/7 call center. Anytime the user touches the button on the system (either on the main wall unit or the neck/wristband pendant), a signal is transmitted to the call center immediately. The person on the other end will listen to the user describe the situation, and decide whether an ambulance is necessary. If it is determined to be necessary, the ambulance will be on its way in minutes.

If, however, the best course of action is to call a person on the user’s contact list, the call attendant will do that instead. Whatever help is needed for that particular situation, that is the help the user will receive. You can be assured that the attendants at our call center are EMT certified, which means that they are highly qualified to properly assess each user’s specific situation. Worried about a language barrier? Bi-lingual attendants are available to be assigned to your loved one.

Here is another advantage of choosing a PERS from B Safe Security: We offer PERS systems that allow your loved one to talk with the call center from anywhere they are in the house. The pendants are water-resistant, so they can even be worn in the shower (we don’t recommend immersing them in the bath, although they could be placed next to the bathtub. And anytime the user wants to go outside, that is fine; the pendant will work from as far away as 300-600 feet from the home.

Our Delaware home security professionals are always willing to talk to concerned family members who want a reliable PERS for their loved ones. If you have questions about one of these systems, please call us to speak with a knowledgeable representative.