Who Needs an Intercom System?

Delaware home security customers may be surprised to learn that B Safe Security also specializes in installing and maintaining intercom systems. While intercoms may not be for everyone, there are many scenarios in which having an intercom is entirely appropriate. Like what, you ask?

Who Needs an Intercom System

Large homes are a good example. If you own a large home, or even a moderately sized home, you can certainly benefit from an intercom system. In fact, intercoms for the home are nothing new; many homes of the 1970s had “whole house intercoms” installed, with a main control unit in the kitchen and speaker/mic setups in the other rooms. This was a convenient way for Mom to call the troops down for dinner or tell them when it was time to go to bed.

Today, it is still possible to have a whole house intercom installed – but instead of dials and push buttons, modern intercom systems have touch screens and sleek contact points. Intercom owners can enjoy the same convenience as their parents did, with a modern design that increases the overall value of the home.

Another example is a small to mid-sized business. It may seem like only large businesses are in need of intercom systems, but operations of all types can benefit from having this instant mode of communication. B Safe carries intercom systems from trusted makers such as M&S Systems, NuTone and Honeywell; all of these brands have scalable intercom options for businesses. Plus, these systems are not only functional intercoms; they are also outstanding audio/music players that can stream music throughout the entire building.

See what we mean? Intercom systems are practical and versatile. To learn more, contact the Delaware home security professionals of B Safe Security. We will be glad to discuss your intercom options with you.