How B Safe Handles Burst Pipes

Why do pipes burst when cold weather occurs?

When water freezes inside your pipes, it freezes and expands, taking up more space and gradually increasing pressure. The pressure escapes by bursting through at weak joints or right outside of the pipe wall. If you are in your home during extreme winter weather, running a slow but steady stream of water can help counter this issue.

Why are burst pipes worrisome?

Burst pipes can cause serious damage to your home. In addition to the obvious problems, there are additional issues that can occur. For example, if any wires get wet, they can shortcircuit and cause a fire. Wooden beams that support your home’s foundation can rot and the steel brackets in your home can rust as well. In the long term, the moisture can also create mold that will spread throughout your home and become a costly nuisance to handle.

Can burst pipes really be that bad? calculated that a one-inch flood can cost you up to $25,000 in repairs.

How can environmental sensors and flood detectors help prevent this issue?

They help protect against damage and property loss from floods and freezing temperatures by alerting you to issues as they are about to occur or are actively occurring.

How do they work?

Our sensors and detectors are wireless and battery-powered which makes them easy to install in hard-to-reach areas including behind appliances, in the basement, and anywhere else water pipes are present. If the temperature drops below forty-five degrees or excessive water levels are reached, our smartphone app can immediately notify you so you can take preventive measures to avoid further damage. We also monitor residential sprinkler systems to help mitigate any issues.

How do I get these sensors and detectors added to my security system?

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