5 Reasons your Dog Is NOT a Home Security System

Barking dogs can catch your attention. They might even cause an intruder to run. Dogs can be watchful, loyal, and fearless, but are they a good residential security alarm in Chester, PA? 

In a word, no. Why not? Here are five reasons:

Not a Security Camera

While a dog can be a valuable supplement to a home security system, it isn’t a video camera. Using a mobile device, many security cameras let you see what’s happening in your home from anywhere. When you’re away from home, that can give you peace of mind.

If a break-in or incident should occur, video cameras can record it. That makes them an invaluable tool to help the police.

No Emergency Connection

Your dog can alert you or your neighbors that something is wrong, but it can’t call emergency services. A monitored residential alarm system in Chester, PA, signals the company to contact the appropriate emergency services. In an emergency situation, a monitored home security system reacts in ways a dog simply can’t.

Home Alarms Don’t Bite

What happens if your dog attacks an innocent person and causes harm? Dog bites can cause damage and, if a bite victim sues you, can create a lot of emotional stress and financial expense.


Even if your dog doesn’t bite, what if you want to take your dog with you on vacation? Or what if you take him for a walk? Your home is left unguarded. A home alarm system doesn’t go anywhere. It’s there all the time.

Potential Risk to Your Pet

If you’re away, your dog may bark, but many pets can be distracted by a treat. Or worse, an intruder may decide to take care of the problem. Every year, numerous dogs are injured or killed while trying to protect homes from intruders.

If the only home security you have is your dog, an intruder may have little trouble getting in, so contact Be Safe Security about residential security system