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Reducing Losses with Video Analytics

According to the Loss Prevention Research Council, shoplifting costs American businesses $10 billion each year. And while it may be…read more

Fighting Crime in Wilmington, DE

As a leading provider of Delaware alarm systems located in Wilmington, B Safe Security acknowledges that when it comes to…read more

Delaware Alarm Company Services for Vacant Homes

Did you know that squatting is still a prevalent problem on the entire East Coast? In fact, a sad squatting…read more

The New Home Invasion Law in Delaware

Some people are under the impression that burglary and home invasion are one and the same, but that is not…read more

Is There Less Crime when it Snows?

Customers of our Delaware alarm systems would probably like to know, especially with snow predicted for Friday. The answer, it…read more

A New Warning about Alarm Sales Scams

It isn’t just local authorities who are cautioning homeowners about door-to-door alarm salesmen; this time, the warning is coming straight…read more

Resolve to do These Things with your Smoke Alarm!

If you have a list of new year’s resolutions, be sure to include some regarding one of the most important…read more

Alarm Information for Wilmington, DE

Did you know that the city of Wilmington has an official false alarm program? It’s true; just call (866) 377-8834…read more

Smoke Alarm Tips from Delaware Alarm Company and NFPA

The Delaware State Fire Marshal has some simple advice that could save your family’s life: Change your batteries. Your alarm…read more

Delaware Burglary Rate Continues to Climb

Delaware crime statistics reveal that our state burglary rate has moved on an upward trajectory for the past eight years,…read more

Resources for After the Storm

B Safe Security proudly services three states – one of which, New Jersey, has experienced major devastation this week at…read more

Employers: Know the Laws for Video Surveillance

If you are an employer who intends to install cameras inside your business, you are taking an important step toward…read more

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