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Who Needs an Intercom System?

Delaware home security customers may be surprised to learn that B Safe Security also specializes in installing and maintaining intercom…read more

Smoke Alarm Tips for Fire Prevention Week

Did you know that October 6-12 is National Fire Prevention Week? Even after the occasion has passed, we still want…read more

Delaware Crime Statistics from the 2012 FBI Crime Report

Our Delaware home security professionals have observed some fascinating statistics from the FBI Uniform Crime Report (UCR) for 2012, which…read more

Now is the Time to Get Prepared!

Because September is National Disaster Preparedness Month, many towns are participating in training sessions for residents. Our Delaware home security…read more

What to do if You Witness a Crime in Your Neighborhood

Even in the best neighborhoods, crime can occur – and sometimes, innocent bystanders are there to see it. If you…read more

Get Intruders off Your Property with Audio Guard

Because a large portion of our Delaware alarm systems customers are business owners, we can say with confidence that monitored…read more

What Should be Included in Your Alarm Package?

If you are a first-time security system owner, you may not be sure what is supposed to be included in…read more

3 Environmental Design Tricks to Keep Burglars at Bay

Did you know there is a security strategy embraced by experts throughout the country? It’s called Crime Prevention Through Environmental…read more

Is Dumpster Diving a Crime in Delaware?

From what we understand, it is. That should come as a relief to our Delaware home security customers, because in…read more

What do Burglars Want, Anyway?

Burglaries happen everywhere – even in our pleasant hometown, where Delaware home security measures are sometimes taken for granted. For…read more

Security Cameras Have Come a Long, Long Way

Video surveillance is a hot topic these days, in light of the arrest of the Boston bombers and the role…read more

Preventing an Apartment Burglary

Multi-unit housing structures account for 17% of homes in Delaware, so preventing apartment burglaries is a concern for many local…read more

Why B Safe Security?

With offices throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, B Safe Security has protected our community for over 40 years. Thanks to local management, local crews, and local service, we are an integral part of the communities we serve. We live here, work here, and play here, and our entire team takes pride in helping our friends, neighbors, and businesses thrive.

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