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Arm Your System Every Time You Leave

We recently saw a statistic that 74% of incomplete and unsuccessful burglaries are due to the presence of an audible…read more

Introducing Virtual Guard Services!

As we recently told you, our Delaware security systems professionals have been working hard on new services that can significantly…read more

What to do in a Gas Leak

As victims in East Harlem, NYC learned this week, a gas leak is a serious danger that can have devastating,…read more

New Season, New Initiatives!

As we approach the spring season, our Delaware security services company wants to announce some new initiatives we are involved…read more

How Well do You Know Your Neighbors?

We hope that all our Delaware home security customers will ask themselves that question. If someone at the door claims…read more

Superbowl Sunday Security Tips for Delaware Alarm Owners

Everyone knows about the risks of burglary during the holidays, or during the summer months. But what about a day…read more

Have You Made these Home Security Mistakes?

If you own a security system, that’s the first step toward securing your property and defending it against burglary. But…read more

New Year, Real Cameras!

Recently, we came across a piece of New Year’s advice that urged homeowners to install a “dummy camera” above the…read more

Where is Carbon Monoxide Detection the Law?

Wilmington residents: Do you have carbon monoxide detection in your security system? If not, did you know that the city…read more

Stop Frozen Pipes with Total Connect

If frozen pipes are one of your top home maintenance concerns, our Delaware home security company can help. B Safe…read more

Stolen Property at Pawn Shops: What Can You Do?

Delaware home security customers: If you are the victim of robbery and you believe your electronics, jewelry or tools were…read more

What is a PERS?

And why does your elderly loved one need one? Here is all the information you need, and the reasons why…read more

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With offices throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, B Safe Security has protected our community for over 40 years. Thanks to local management, local crews, and local service, we are an integral part of the communities we serve. We live here, work here, and play here, and our entire team takes pride in helping our friends, neighbors, and businesses thrive.

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