Coronavirus Safety Tips

Corona Virus Safety Tips

Coronavirus Safety Tips

As concerns begin to grow in the Tri-State area regarding the Coronavirus, here are five safety tips to help you protect yourself.


1) Wash Your Hands with Soap

Washing your hands with soap is a crucial step in your protection against the coronavirus. Alcohol-based sanitizer is effective against the virus but soap is the best option. According to the Guardian, you’ll want to wash your hands fully, lathering up and scrubbing every part of them for at least twenty seconds. Make sure you get under your nails. 


2) Avoid Touching Your Eyes, Mouth and Nose

Your hands touch many surfaces and are the most likely to pick up a virus. It is a natural motion to touch your face but that contact can transfer the virus into your body and get you sick.


3) Keep Your Distance

The World Health Organization recommends keeping a distance of three to five feet between yourself and someone sneezing or coughing. The liquid droplets coming from their nose or mouth could contain the virus and you may breathe them in if you are too close.


4) Be Mindful of Your Travel Plans

If you are returning from an area where the coronavirus is active, it is advised that you stay indoors and avoid contact with other people for two weeks. This means staying in and avoiding work or school. If you need to keep eyes on a family member to make sure they follow this advice, our security cameras can watch over them while you’re at work. The B Connect app allows you to check on them while keeping a healthy distance.


5) Seek Medical Help for the Following Symptoms

If you have a cough, fever and difficulty breathing, call ahead to a healthcare provider and tell them about your travel history. Calling in advance allows your provider to direct you to the right facility if you are at risk for the coronavirus. While your illness may not be COVID-19, a medical professional can advise you about respiratory infections or other serious medical conditions.



The purpose of this article is to share understanding and information about how to keep yourself safe from the coronavirus as B Safe believes in protecting our community. However, B Safe serves its community through home and commercial security systems, access control and fire protection. If you are interested in being helped by B Safe in our area of expertise, call us at 800-432-3473 or click here to get started.

B Safe Security is not a qualified healthcare provider and this article is not a valid substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Relying on this information is solely at your own risk.