‘Twas the Week of Christmas Holiday Safety Tips

‘Twas the week of Christmas, when in the comfort of your house,
You clicked for holiday safety tips with your mouse.
Each year Christmas trees cause 210 fires so beware,
And take care of your tree with proper respect and care.
Keep your tree at least three feet away from a heat source,
To put a stop to the tree igniting of course.
Hydrate your tree with water from the tap or a lake,
Then hang glass ornaments up high so they don’t break.
If you’re using an artificial tree this holiday,
Check it’s labeled ‘fire-resistant’ today.
Dispose of any decorations with a frayed or broken wire,
While decorating, use a ladder while climbing up higher.
Don’t burn your candle all the way but do keep it in sight,
Make sure you extinguish it when you say goodnight.
Place the candle on a stable table so it won’t fall,
Or switch to battery-operated lights as your best call.
Break down your big boxes and all of your trash,
To stave off thieves from making some cash.
Your holiday travel plans shouldn’t be posted on Facebook,
Unless you want neighborhood burglars to come take a look.
In fact, you should invest in technology such as a smart lock
To prevent any Grinches from leaving you in shock.
As for dinner, stay inside while something is cooking,
The Christmas ham may be set alight while you aren’t looking.
Have monitored smoke detectors for your big Christmas meal,
Call up our security consultants and they’ll surely give you a deal.
By clicking B Safe Bobby, you can get started tonight
Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!