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Top 3 Benefits of Remote Monitoring Security Systems

Did you know that there are over 13,000 different security companies in the U.S. today? When looking for a new…read more

Why Video Security Surveillance Is a Must-Have for Homeowners

It wasn’t until 1972 that Texas Instruments patented the first electronic camera that did not require film to record moving…read more

The CliffNotes Guide: How Remote Monitoring Works

Think about a remote-controlled car. Maybe you had one as a kid. You were able to steer and accelerate the…read more

Time to Check Your HOA Rule Books?

Is there such thing as “overkill” when it comes to securing your home? You probably don’t think so, but your…read more

What to Do if You Are Burglarized

Delaware home security customers: While it is true that owning a home security system will significantly decrease your risks of…read more

Light Bulb Safety Do’s and Don’ts

Let’s be honest: We can’t live without light bulbs. However, there is a right way and a wrong way to…read more

Sub-User Codes: Another Way to Prevent False Alarms

As our Delaware security company has told you before, false alarms should be avoided at all costs. Cities will charge…read more

Is Loitering Illegal in Delaware?

This is a question asked by some of our Delaware alarm system customers who take their business security seriously. We…read more

What is the Difference Between Home Invasion and Burglary in Delaware?

It’s easy to confuse the two crimes of burglary and home invasion, but there are some distinctions under Delaware state…read more

Lightning Storm Safety Tips: Ride the Lightning Storm Safely

Now that we know there may be rain and lightning in the forecast, we wanted to take a moment to…read more

B-Safe Security Customer Saved by CO Detector

Have you ever wondered if your carbon monoxide detector will really work in the event of a carbon monoxide leak?…read more

Check Out Our Customer Reviews!

We don’t like to brag, but our Delaware alarm systems company is getting rave reviews from customers every week –…read more

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